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Our painting and repair services revitalize spaces with precision and care. Our skilled team adds a fresh, personalized touch with paint, while also expertly restoring and maintaining the structural integrity of your property.

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Experience the ACP Difference

Power washing

All surfaces are generally power washed or hand cleaned prior to the application of paint.  This of course depends on what is being painted.  We have multiple power washers with different psi strengths and are familiar with a variety of industrial cleaners and degreasers.  What is getting washed, what cleaners will be applied, and if any hand scrubbing or cleaning is needed will all be detailed in your quote.  The point of power washing is to remove all dirt and debris for maximum paint adhesion.  Oftentimes, this is only the start of the prep work, as many surfaces will still need to be hand scraped.

Commercial Painting

After the contract is signed, the project is reviewed, expectations are discussed, it is time to deliver on those expectations. This is what we do best. After looking at your project, we will determine the best primers and top coats to apply to your project. This will all be discussed in your quote in writing. PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams are our go to products, but have also used specialized coatings in specific situations. Our team specializes in exterior painting of large projects. We have the equipment needed to reach the very top of multilevel homes and offices. By adding a new coat of paint, you will attract customers to your businesses doors and add curb appeal to your home.
Strip malls, shopping complexes, industrial buildings, warehouses, and more, our company is geared up for your large projects. We will get your job done on time and within budget, without disrupting your business operations. We will ensure that your clients’ needs are met. Every project is different and many times, large commercial projects require different scopes of work and plans of action. Whether you have to maneuver a large 120 foot lift through tight settings or manually carry large 40 foot ladders for speciality peaks, we have done that before.

Condominium Complex Exterior Painting

Painting has delivered proven and reliable results and painted numerous condominium complexes. We will ensure that both the property management company and the residents are happy.

Apartment complex exterior painting

Our professional painters with years of experience will make sure that the exterior of your complex is correctly taken care of and your residents are happy and not disrupted. We take care of all types of siding and wood replacement along with the painting. These projects can be challenging because there are multiple residents to make happy along with the complex manager and owner. But our expertise allows for proven results.


We have our own in house carpenters to specialize in wood replacement along with other basic exterior services such as mortar repair.

Wood Trim

  • Smooth & rough sawn
  • Spruce
  • 1” x 4”, 1” x 6”, 1” x 8”, 1” x 10”, 1” x 12” in random lengths – We also cut custom sizes.

Textured Panel & Rough Sawn Spruce also knows as T-111

  • Textured panel 4” & 8” on-center reveal
  • RBB is also available with one inch grooves being 12 inches on center.
  • 8’, 9’, & 10’ sheet lengths available on select styles

Treated Exterior Composite Trim

Various composite trim boards are oftentimes uses.  Composite trim is a great product.  MiraTec is one composite product that works well, other composite boards are also available.

Stucco Panel Siding

We can install actually Stucco sheets or oftentimes use a synthetic product such as James Hardie Cement Board Siding.  It depends on the project and results needed.  Sometimes the actual and synthetic stucco do not match if you are not replacing the entire section, so this will be detailed in your quote.

Lap Siding

We replace all types of siding. Whether it is cedar or fiber cement, we will match your siding and deliver the results that you deserve.

Caulking & Prep Work

Let’s be honest. Before your building can look nice, it has to get a little uglier. We start by power washing with the appropriate tip and psi needed. You are not going to take a 4400 psi pressure washer with a turbo tip on a cedar sided condominium complex. We have all of the material and expertise to complete your large project correctly. After power washing, the real work starts. We hand scrape areas as needed. Many companies expect the power washer to complete all of the work, but that is simply not the case. Then we caulk where needed, where the existing caulk has failed, or where caulk should exist to prevent water infiltration. We use a variety of long lasting acrylic, acryliconized silicone, or polyurethane caulks on your project. Depending on the type and what is needed. Exactly what we use and where will be detailed in your quote. After the power washing, hand scraping, caulking, wood replacement, mortar repair is all completed, then we will apply the appropriate primer in the appropriate places on your project.

Almost every large commercial project oftentimes requires a different approach to properly prep out your job for long term results. This is what we do. If a speciality degreaser is required, we apply it. If power washing is not enough and a little hand scrubbing is needed in a few areas in addition to the power washing, that can be done. We have come across commercial buildings with the cinder block in rough condition. This required us to power wash the exterior walls with a turbo tip at 4400 psi along the entire building then come behind and hand scrape 2,000 square feet in rough condition. Those 2,000 feet were then power washed a second time to remove a few pesky lingering chips then a second hand scrape. A premium Zinsser primer was then applied after all of the mortar work was completed prior to finalizing with a quality top coat.


Positive Reviews From Our Clients


    They painted the inside of our warehouse and did a very good job. The walls were cement block and the joints were crumbling. We had a mason crew use a vacuum tuck point grinder that we researched and purchased to eliminate all the dust that a normal joint grinder would create. Once the joints were ground out, the masons tuck pointed the wall joints with cement. They followed the masons after the cement had dried and the walls were washed. The results can be seen in the pictures below.


      We had our business completed and were very pleased with this company! They communicated with us when they were delayed due to weather. The price was more than $1,000 less than others that quoted the job. The painters were respectful and cleaned up afterward.


        The quote for painting my exterior was timely and very complete. The follow up by project management answering all my questions was again, timely and complete. The team(Mike and Luke) who painted the house were on time and very nice.

          Brandon S

          These guys did great! I contacted them for a quote, the rate was very reasonable, and they were able to get to the job within a few weeks. They finished quickly and our house looks fantastic!


            Very happy from start to finish. Would unequivocally recommend this company!!


              I hired them to power wash my home, paint the exterior (panels, soffits and facia, trim, gutters, downspouts) and varnish my exterior door. They did a great job and I will definitely hire them again. Their work is timely, neat, and clean. Their work crews are a pleasure to deal with.

                Kevin S.

                Great Job by the caulking and painting team. Very good quality work with great customer service.

                  Jerry C.

                  We had exdtra things we wanted to have painted over after the initial paint job. The lovely people at the company helped us out free of charge for the service and despite our request coming way after the first service they followed through in a timely and professional manner.

                    Gayle G.

                    By FAR the best painting professional we have ever used. Their work was OUTSTANDING.

                      Jim A.

                      Timing promises kept,excellent cleanup,clear answers to our questions,stain application very good. We had some issues with color selection that should be improved.

                        Jimmy W.

                        Excellent and friendly team working to perform a high class effort.

                          Judy S. Rochester, MI

                          Painters were on time and professional. Very please with entire experience and staff from F & H

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